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Mechanical Service Agreement Program

Mechanical Service Agreement Program

  • Annually scheduled safety inspections for every piece of equipment offered
  • Priority 24-7 emergency service as needed
  • Manufacturer’s warranty support
  • Preferred client status
  • Equipment reports

The sensible Choice:

Protect your limited warranty: regular maintenance is a condition for most manufacturers’ warranties.
The equipment will be maintained throughout regular business hours and within the months of April through September,15th.
More Choices: make informative decisions on when to upgrade your equipment and avoid high repair bills.
Save Energy – Save CASH$. Regular maintenance guarantees higher efficiency.
We Offer Our Clients:
Computerized records that support warranty claims and supply a history of needed repairs.
A team that has the depth to bring you the plumbing, heating and cooling solutions you wish.

Heating Service and Safety scrutiny Includes:

  • Check and ensure thermostat program settings
  • Supply and install new batteries as needed
  • Clean and regulate burner assembly
  • Clean and regulate ignition assembly
  • Adjust gas pressure as needed
  • Confirm combustion air flow
  • Inspect and ensure combustion safety
  • Confirm flow and draft through device
  • Test and ensure all safety controls
  • Secure electrical connections as needed
  • Lubricate all moving components as needed
  • Inspect and ensure all temperature and pressure settings
  • Confirm appliance to be in safe and satisfactory condition
  • Confirm manufacturer's installation guidelines

Note: If your appliance needs a further repair at the time of examination the additional repair will need to be approved. Such things might include, however don't seem to be restricted to, the replacement of furnace filters, thermocouples, and batteries for programmable thermostats and gas fireplace remotes.

Our technicians have extensive experience with the following equipment:

  • Furnaces
  • Central and ductless air conditioning
  • Boilers
  • In-floor heating
  • Conventional water heaters
  • Tank-less water heaters
  • Gas fireplaces
  • Air cleaners and purifiers
  • Heat recovery ventilators (HRV’s)
  • Pool boilers
  • Sump and waste pumps
  • Back flow prevention devices

Is there a price to join? No, but you must be a current customer. Just book a yearly RECURRING service appointment between April 1st and September 15th.

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