Modern versions of Windows thwart these actions with a security prompt, which makes things a little better. The second, less though about issue is the fact that you can have two files of different types with the same name in a folder. This was most noticeable for years with CD software, which tended to have both a “PROGRAM.EXE” and a “PROGRAM.ICO” in the same folder with the same icon. Needless to say, installing software was quite confusing for a while. Microsoft touts “plug and play” as one of Windows 95’s chief advantages over prior versions of Windows.

  • The first main Windows 11 update is full of numerous enhancements and fixes.
  • We’ll have to wait and see if Windows 10 users get the feature.
  • The options are built into the right-click context menu.

Windows 95 can be installed as an upgrade to Windows 3.x; from MS-DOS; on a new machine; or as a dual-boot system with either Windows 3.x, Windows NT, or other operating systems. The basic process is the same for all installations, but you must be sure resources that you understand the differences that do exist so that the final result is the solution you or your client needs. In many cases, you might have to compromise to achieve the best results. You’ve seen and heard the media hype surrounding Windows 95. After many false starts and more pre-release beta-testing than any operating system in history, it was finally rolled out at Microsoft Corporation’s Redmond, Washington campus in August of 1995. Visually-speaking, Windows 8 was radically different from its predecessors.

Windows 10 Build 19043.1147 (21H

For pictures I suggest you always use save your snip as a JPG. There are four different selection types that you can use to take a snip using the Snipping Tool. In order to change the type of of selection the Snipping Tool will use to create a snip you would click on the small down arrow menu next to the New button.

Right-click on the PNG file, go to “Open With”, then click “Choose another application”. Download the compressed REG files using the link below, then open the ZIP archive in your favorite archiving program. File Explorer will work fine if you don’t have a third-party program, as it is fully capable of extracting ZIP files.


A new dedicated template-based video editing app called Clipchamp is also coming to Windows 11. Again, though, for a handheld device, the down-swipe is more direct and requires less dexterity. There are, however, new three-finger swipe gestures to show the Task View and to minimize an app on the desktop. A sideways three-finger swipe switches you between running apps. You can use the Task View button in the Taskbar, but it’s not as immediate as a swipe of the thumb. I’d argue switching tasks is more important to tablet users than accessing Widgets, which is what swiping your thumb now gets you.

Then we apply ‘Screen orientation’ and we choose the one we are looking for from the four options that appear and we give it Apply. To rotate the screen of your laptop, you can use a variety of methods. You can use the built-in Windows screen rotation feature, which should work on most PCs. If you’re running AMD or Intel graphics, you can use a third-party tool called iRotate, which features screen rotation hotkeys.


It’s a great little feature that Windows has been missing for many years. There are a whole bunch of new settings and options to rummage through on Windows 11, and it starts with a brand new Settings app itself. Finally, the Groove Music app has been updated with a new name and new features.