Gas Fireplaces


Gas fireplaces are common in North Vancouver homes, and they are often used as a primary source of heat for common living spaces. So of course, it’s important that these fireplaces work properly and safely. However, it is not always obvious when a gas fireplace is not operating in a safe and efficient manner, and this is why it is crucial to schedule regular inspections and preventive maintenance checks with a trustworthy plumbing company in North Vancouver.

Natural gas fireplaces are considered to be safer than their wood-burning counterparts, and when they are in good working order, they are also a very cost-effective alternative to more expensive heating methods. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, modern gas fireplaces in North Vancouver are installed in a manner that allows the heat to permeate a much larger area of your home.


If you already have a gas fireplace, you can call our technicians at Seebacher Plumbing & Heating to help with repairs, safety inspections, upgrades and parts replacements.

Our technicians also offer a number of other gas fireplace services, including:

  • Detailed cleaning
  • Thorough inspections and diagnostics
  • Fast and reliable certifications for real estate closings
  • Gas log maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Prompt and professional repairs
  • Unobtrusive maintenance work

Our North Van plumbers at Seebacher Plumbing & Heating are also able to provide replacement glass, keys, seals, valves, remotes and controls for all of the common indoor and outdoor models. We can assist you with the repair or replacement of gas log sets.


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